Do you want to play professional soccer?

Internationally, Global SC offers a collection of people, resources, and services to assist each player on their journey – every step of the way. We provide a holistic player-centric program that guides our clients through their respective pathways… Our players will travel to immerse themselves and personally experience the pathways to professional European football in a competitive but inclusive environment, where we offer counsel in all matters: exposure, trials, training, psychology, player development, academics, legal, insurance traveling abroad, language learning, living accommodations, etc. 

If you are interested in an individualized soccer experience, trapped year, gap year, or potential playing career in Europe, contact us today!


Opportunities to train with professional and academy coaches.

Exposure to world-class clubs and academies.

Placement into the competition pyramid, beginning your professional football journey.


Academic, housing, immigration, and cultural immersion resources and services.

24/7 support. Daily, weekly, and monthly touchpoints with players and families

Weekly planning for academic, training and match schedules.


Educational research on the varying levels of “pro” soccer in the US and overseas. Individual plans and tools to develop at each player’s pace.

Virtual and in-person tactical, technical, mindset, and physical coaching.

Wellness, nutrition, time management, and lifestyle counseling.