Global SC offers college and professional pathway support through the following channels below. Our pathways offer exposure platforms, eligibility support, consultation for 1-week to multi-year programs.


Expert coaches and training plans

Opportunities to train and play with/against elite-level competition outside of your club/school


Exposure to collegiate and professional scouting network

National and international connections

Guidance through the recruiting and trialing processes


Tailored player development programs and plans

Immigration, education, and immersion resources

Academic and lifestyle support

Our Promise

As a 501(c)(3), Global SC promises a club-neutral, supplemental resource for elite soccer players. We aim to be a valuable alternative and consultant for aspiring youth, club, academy, high school and college players.
Our goal is to be an unbiased trainer, advocate, and guide to help each player reach their highest potential. Our passion drives us to provide experiences of the highest caliber. We believe in coaching the entire individual – pushing players technically, tactically, mentally, and physically. Across all methodologies, we want to ensure that although we are pushing limits, we share and ignite passion along the way. We promise to treat all our elite players with the same respect and expectations.

Our Purpose

We provide professional resources for aspiring players through focused and specialized elite player development programs and services. Global SC provides life-changing opportunities and experiences for determined soccer players aged 14-19. We offer individualized professional and collegiate pathway experiences. We support serious, like-minded athletes, with opportunities to progress to the highest levels to achieve their dreams and goals. We then take it one step further and offer guidance as an intermediary connector and broker for each player’s pathway needs.

Our Plan

We understand that oftentimes people come up with great ideas or have big dreams – but lack the insight or inside knowledge to wrap a strategic plan around that idea. We also know that sometimes coaches, trainers, and parents cannot do it all on their own. Our plan is to help create programs, services, and resources to assist with building and navigating a strategic plan.

Through our 4-year strategic plan, we intend to grow our resources, establish long-standing partnerships and networks, and build a sustainable training and development center.

Our Leaders

Hector R. Martinez
VP of Sporting Operations
Scouting Director, North & Central America
Soccer & Futsal Manager

Barnard Baker
VP of Strategic Planning
Pathway Counseling Director
Marketing & Development Manager

Robin Licht
Technical Director
Scouting Director, Europe